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Interactive Massage Scratching Toy With Catnip And Led Ball For Cats - $11.99 with FREE Shipping!

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  • $11.99
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The Deal

Interactive Massage Scratching Toy With Catnip And Led Ball For Cats - $11.99 with FREE Shipping!

  • The tickle cat toy is made with comfortable and eco-friendly material that is flavorless and very soft. The two boxes on either side of the toy can attract your cats when you put catnip, LED lights, or food inside it.
  • The interactive tickle toy is fun for your kittens as it is safe and can be chewed and stretched.
  • This multifunctional massager is readily designed for your cat's grooming and comfort.
  • It provides a gentle massage to your kittens and boosts their moods and regulates blood flow.
  • This indoor cat toy is easily rotatable and you can also put toothpaste on the soft granules and get your cat's teeth brushed while they chew on it.
  • This windmill design toy has strong suction. You could stick the suction cup to any flat surface like tile, glass, window, tubs, mirrors. Please note that may not be absorbed on some wooden floors.
  • Care instructions - Rinse in warm running water.
  • Material:TPR
  • Product dimension :6.2 x 2.9 x 2.7 inches

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